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The first Meeting with the Russian Lady

  1. Don't forget to smile even if you are nervous and if you don't like this woman. Try to make good impression - you are not only John, Michel, and James. For this woman you are also the representative of your country and your nation.
  2. Buy for the woman some flowers or small box of sweets. Of course you can prepare more expensive presents. But flowers can help you and your lady to cope with the first minutes when you both feel a little bit uncomfortable.
  3. You will make better impression if you wear a good suit with a tie or some other classical clothes. It's better not to wear jeans. Russian women pay much attention to the appearance and most of them are dressed well.
  4. It's better not to shake her hand - just say "Hello"! Or give her a small kiss on her cheek.
  5. If you go somewhere - to the restaurant or cafe - take a taxi. If you go to the museum or to some excursions don't forget to pay for your lady too. Most of women don't earn enough to pay for such events themselves.
  6. If you meet your lady in the evening, don't forget to take a taxi not only for you but also for your lady. The best solution is to take one taxi, at first bring your lady home and then go to the hotel.
  7. And don't forget - you can contact our agency any time. We will be glad to help you with all this stuff - restaurants, taxi, excursions etc.

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Some information about Saint Petersburg

  1. Saint Petersburg is the second biggest city in Russia and cultural capital of Russia. Its population is about 5 000 000 people. The city was founded in 1703 and celebrated its 300 anniversary on the 27th of May 2003.
  2. Saint Petersburg is one of the youngest cities with huge amount of culture, art, traditions. But it's one of the "oldest" cities in Russia - about 35% of people are older than 60 years.
  3. Another name of Saint Petersburg - is North Venice. The city has more than 400 bridges.
  4. River Neva is 74 km long. The main street of the city Nevskiy prospekt got this name from the river. Nevskiy prospekt is the heart of Saint Petersburg, where there are hundreds of bars, shops, restaurants, cafes, casinos, clubs etc.
  5. Museums: 
    • State Russian museum This museum has got a broad representation of monumental icon art of Old Russia.

      Hours 10am-5pm Wed-Sun, 10am-4pm Mon.

    • State Hermitage One of the world's largest museums.

      Dvortsovanay nab. 34. Tel 110-96-25. Hours: 10:30am-6pm

    • Museum of history of Saint Petersburg (Peter and Paul Fortress) Tel. 238-4549.
  6. Restaurants and bars. There are a lot of restaurants, bars, cafes in Saint Petersburg. We describe only few of them: 
    • Robin-Bobin (bar-restaurant) The most filling place in the town, excellent service and a cozy interior. 26, Gagarinskaya ul. Tel. 279-83-42 
    • Kavkaz-Bar (restaurant) Georgian cuisine and wines. The best shashlik. 18, Karavannaya ul. Tel. 312-1665 
    • Orient Express (restaurant) The most romantic restaurant in St.Petersburg. Russian-orient cuisine. Cute hostesses. The cafe "Electrichka" is open. 21, Marata ul. Tel. 325-87-29
    •  Prival Komediantov (Comediants' Stop) Cozy place with interiors in style of 20th century beginning, located in the very centre of the city. Russian and European cuisine1, Moika emb. Tel. 314-38-49
  7. Foreigner prices. At some theatres and museums foreigners are required to pay 5-10 much more than what Russians pay. These institutions insist that Russian tickets are subsidised and that foreigners pay the "real price"
  8. Money. The national currency is the ruble (Rbl.) Banknotes come in denominations 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 and these are 1, 2 and 5 Rbl. coins.There are 100 kopeck in one ruble. Officially it's illegal to pay in dollars or euros. But prices are sometimes written in Cyrillic "y.e.", especially in places with a lot of foreigners.
  9. Electricity. The electrical current in Russia is 110 volts AC, 50 Hz. Most sockets are standard European size with double round-pin plugs.
  10. Prices. Last year St.Petersburg was ranked the third most expensive city in the world. While the cost of living isn't high compared to Europe, you will pay high prices for Western-standard accomondation and exclusive restaurants.
  11. Health. It's wise to have medical insurance if you decide to come to Russia. Russian hospitals will treat you in an emergency, but the standards and style of medical treatment are quite different to the West. The city has a number of private medical and dental clinics with modern facilities.

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