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Our preference compared to many other agencies lies in careful selection of the clients. The most important for us is not a number but the motivation of our clients.

  • We have remembered everybody - all meetings, almost all letters. We don't have an impersonal system of numbers and codes. We are looking for an individual approach to every client.
  • We don't work with cheats and impostors. If we know that woman is a scammer we stop working with her.
  • We are always ready to help our clients. Most of them has got our mobile phones - so it's possible to get in contact with us any time if it's necessary.
  • We analyze every letter and give professional advice.
  • We work only with motivated people - all our clients are seriously interested in creating family with beloved from another country, from another culture.
  • We guarantee an authenticity of correspondence: our ladies always write all letters themselves.
  • We guarantee the identity of women - all of them fill in their profiles in our office. Moreover, they show us their passports or another papers.
  • We also guarantee the reality of men. All our clients who want to visit St.Petersburg to meet our ladies should send us copies of documents.
  • We guarantee the total loyalty to the legislations of all countries. We strictly follow the laws - it helps us to provide safety and privacy to our clients. The idea of our clients security is very important to us. That's why we organize constant consultations telling about possible problems and ways to avoid them.
  • All our managers has got serious psychological and law trainings to help our clients professionally.
  • Moreover we guarantee our clients moral safety guarding against possible boorishness or communication with psychologically unequal persons.

Beautiful Russian Women are Good for Marriage

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If you succeeded dating Russian brides and fell in love with some beautiful Russian lady, perhaps you’re seriously thinking of taking one step further. Russian girls are a good choice for marriage and family. They will devote themselves to you and to your common house and home and family happiness.

A traditional Russian happy family life includes going to the country house, or just going out at weekends, communicating with relatives, receiving guests. If you are a busy man and spend a lot of time at work, a Russian woman will never reproach you. It seems that Russian mentality is more conservative than a European one. A man is a breadwinner, and a woman is his Muse, she helps him, encourages him and keep the household.

At the same time, Russian woman is not same obedient as, say, Japanese woman. Men who had the experience in dating Russian ladies say that to a considerable degree, beautiful Russian ladies are independent and self-sufficient. And this is something which adds charm to their wonderful femininity and determination to have a strong and happy family relationship. So, if you haven’t found your better half yet, free dating sites or Russian brides site can be helpful.

Overindulging Women – Benefits and Drawbacks

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What attract family-oriented men to Russian single brides is the fact that beautiful Russian ladies are good wives and mothers. Indeed, a Russian woman will do anything for her husband and children, even if it demands sacrifice or dealing with hardships. However, in Russia this blind love has created the type of men, overindulged by mothers and wives.

Psychologists say that the mentality of Russian men is the tragedy of up-to-date Russian society. The majority take their women for granted and are often unfaithful. More’s the pity, it’s women’s fault too. A lot of Russian single girls don’t mind having a relationship with married men, and half of the Russian wives are ready to forgive betrayal. Western men who use free Russian dating sites, are often surprised at how easy to please Russian woman is, and how few her needs are. No wonder, Russian woman has been used to be too forgiving.

This overwhelming love of beautiful Russian women is poisoning minds and characters of Russian people, as it is influencing their children and duplicating in further generations. If you’re in love with your Russian lady and thinking of marriage, you had better keep in mind that she will be the mother of your children. Russian people tend to overindulge their kids.

Traditionally, Russian people consider that parents should give all the necessary things to their offsprings, including a car, an apartment, a fur coat, permanent pocket money and a higher education. The American dream and the method of becoming a self-made person is attractive, but too hard for Russian psyche.

On the other hand, using free dating sites and just dating Russian brides, you’ll meet Russian women who have achieved everything by themselves, and were brought up strictly. So all the generalizations are wrong, as usual.

And finally… Is it so bad to be indulged and even overindulged with love? What will happen if both husband and wife indulge each other? Perhaps, a perfect family. It’s impossible to know until you check.

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Russian beautiful brides and their sense of humour

It’s never been a secret, that the easiest way to win sympathy of a woman is to make her laugh, and it can be especially useful when you are dating Russian girls. However, a lot of western men are anxious about Russian sense of humour. Russian people are imagined as serious and gloomy, just like one of Dostoyevsky’s main heroes.

Actually, there are a lot of humorous authors, which are extremely popular in Russia, even more than Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy. One of such books is “12 chairs”, by Ilf and Petrov. Half of the book is widely quoted in Russian every day life. However, this humour can be understood only by the person who knows Russian history and morals, perhaps that’s why “12 chairs” and other brilliant humorous books are unknown for the western people.

After corresponding with beautiful Russian girls for a while, men are usually astonished, and they can’t hide their surprise. They say that it seems Russian humour doesn’t differ much from European or American. They also say that Russian woman is perfect for marriage, as she is not only beautiful, but also easy-going and quick-witted.

American men say Russian humour is American, the British say it’s British. That’s true, Russian humour is a good mix of both. American and European (especially French and British) comedies are very popular among Russian people. Also, such classical humorous authors as Mark Twain and Wodehouse enjoy wide popularity. So if you’re using Russian mail order for brides service, don’t be afraid to send her something funny, just to make her laugh. And while dating Russian brides, tell them jokes! There’s one exception, however. Jokes about religion are tabooed.

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Developing a relationship with your beautiful Russian lady

As soon as you registered on some free dating site and started looking for Russian girls for marriage or dating it will be very useful to know some methods of how to win sympathy of your beautiful Russian bride-to-be! First and foremost, start calling her by name. The oftener, the better! Remember the feeling when your beloved first called you by name. It was like music to your ears, it sounded tender and sweet. If you call her by name all the time, she’ll feel that your relationship is developing.

Try to avoid disputable topics and discussing your sexual life (unless she asks about it). Start with some neutral topic. Don’t ask her if you bore her, or aren’t you too old/stupid/passive for her. If your beautiful Russian woman communicates with you, this means she likes you. If you want to ask something which is really important to you, but that can insult her, you can ask about it later, when she gets used to you.

After neutral chat, ask the girl to tell something private and important about her. This will draw you together. Ask her more questions so that she could tell you about herself. Speak about her. If you don’t know what to write about, try to be yourself. Easy to say but hard to do? Just trace your inner monologue. If you think that she is the most beautiful woman on this Russian brides site – just tell her about it. Don’t be afraid to speak about your feelings and emotions, and then she’ll be open as well. Use Russian mail order for brides to please her! Some of the gifts are cheap, these are just little things like key rings or toys. This will show your special attitude towards the one you’ve chosen!

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Cuisine as the Integral Part of Russian Social Life

“Let the Samovar brass hum, let the honeycomb smell with clover! I wish to sing of a Russian pancake, the yellow Sun on a frying pan! “ – wrote a popular Russian poet Vladimir Kostrov. Russian cuisine has always been the integral part of Russian life. If you’re dreaming of dating Russian ladies, you should remember about the role of national cuisine in life of the Russians.

All the social life of beautiful Russian women that you admire so much, is flying round table and food. Weddings, funerals, holidays and just a friendly chat can’t be imagined without food and drink.

So if you have already found your wonderful Russian woman for marriage on some Russian brides site, and if you are going to meet her parents – please, remember to bring some food to her house. As a rule, men buy a cake or something sweet. If you also want to please her father – you can bring some appetizer as well.

Russian people believe that the more you give – the more you get. So don’t be surprised when mother of your beautiful Russian lady will offer you a lot of food that she will have prepared. Please, try every dish, at least a small piece. Russian people are very hospitable, and being a guest, you should show that everything is delicious.

The Russian cuisine includes Pelmeni (very similar to ravioli), Borsch (which is a Ukrainian dish but is very popular in Russia), pancakes and Schi (cabbage soup). As a rule, the majority of Russian brides learn to cook these dishes by the time they are ready for marriage. So if you manage to conquer a beautiful Russian lady – you’ll be the lucky one!

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