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  • We have remembered everybody – all meetings, almost all letters. We don’t have an impersonal system of numbers and codes. We are looking for an individual approach to every client.
  • We are always ready to help our clients. Most of them has got our mobile phones – so it’s possible to get in contact with us any time if it’s necessary.
  • We don’t work with cheats and impostors. If we know that woman is a scammer we stop working with her.
  • We guarantee an authenticity of correspondence: our ladies always write all letters themselves.
  • All our managers has got serious psychological and law trainings to help our clients professionally.
  • We analyze every letter and give professional advice.
  • We work only with motivated people – all our clients are seriously interested in creating family with beloved from another country, from another culture.
  • We guarantee the identity of women – all of them fill in their profiles in our office. Moreover, they show us their passports or another papers.
  • We also guarantee the reality of men. All our clients who want to visit St.Petersburg to meet our ladies should send us copies of documents.
  • Moreover we guarantee our clients moral safety guarding against possible boorishness or communication with psychologically unequal persons.
  • We guarantee the total loyalty to the legislations of all countries. We strictly follow the laws – it helps us to provide safety and privacy to our clients. The idea of our clients security is very important to us. That’s why we organize constant consultations telling about possible problems and ways to avoid them.